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CW for fantasy body horror, snakes, and bugs in the concept sketches.

Until further updates, this game is free to play and download. If you do decide to donate through this page, half of the money would go to Indonesian reforestation efforts. Every bit counts, thank you so much ♡ The same will apply to future games of mine.

Darkness and gloom threaten to shroud the entirety of this world you call home. Or perhaps, it already had. However, there's hope.
You are a Light Bearer. This beacon of light you hold is the key to reviving the world's gleam and hope, through your own. You are bestowed with the pursuit of rekindling the world, forging bonds with its inhabitants along the path, and freeing it from the murk with what you can offer.

Arunika is a TTRPG of maintaining hope, sharing it with the world, and most importantly, caring for yourself while you're at it.

The rulebook reflects a world's journey towards revival from the characters who escalate it. It is made with the vision of a game that has a non-violent, narrative-first, and feelings-focused system which can be interpreted in many optimistic, creative, whimsical, melancholic, or introspective ways.

The PDF got about 16 pages of content. You can play by using a single d6 and your gadget. The VTT sheets are available for free below. I crafted this prioritizing virtual play for me and my long-distance partner. However, it is also very adaptable to be played in a traditional tabletop setting.

This is one of my bigger projects made for the LitD TTRPG jam by Lucky Newt Games. Go check them out and support the other creators in the jam! If you love a cozy and authentic collection of games to play, it’s quite the goldmine. I am grateful for the opportunity and motivation to create this with other wonderfully skilled creators. I've been brewing and sketching this idea out for the past months but due to school, I never got to flesh it out the way I want to. Now here it finally is!

The early release will continue to be available to download for free as long as community copies are available. However, I intend to add artworks, pre-established settings, adventures, and characters to be included in the book (or perhaps I can create an expansion zines) if people are interested in me further developing the game :> You can show interest by downloading, sharing, rating, and donating!

I'll likely continue to revise and expand this soon even without support or funding once I graduate grade 10 and finish my current commissions.

Also yeah there will be a lot of generally Southeast-Asian (especially Indonesian) influenced, fungi-related, dreamlike and surreal, creature-oriented, vibrant characters and settings for the expansion update. If you like those, me too.

Feel more than free to send me your playthroughs or feedback to anonymocha@gmail.com^^

Credits + Tools

  • My friends and family ♡ For their love and support.
  • Art, design, writing, etc. done by me! Hi!
  • Fonts are SatisfyCambria, and Kameron.
  • Brushes are Nautika.
  • Made with Google Docs, Procreate, and my finger.
  • Mainly inspired by OneShot, She and The Light Bearer, oh also Raya and the Last Dragon.
  • And thanks to you for making my day by checking this out ♡ May you be blessed with wonderful days ahead of you.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Any and every form of support is highly appreciated!

Thank you!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Arunika, for free!

During the early release stage, Arunika can be accessed for free. Especially for people living in marginalized countries and communities where paying for a game can be an obstacle. Support me by rating and sharing the game <3

Download demo

fari.app | Light Bearer Sheet Template 7 kB
fari.app | Companion Sheet Template 6 kB
playrole.com | Light Bearer Sheet Template
playrole.com | Companion Sheet Template


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I'm planning to run a campaign on the same concept and someone on reddit pointed me to your game. I enjoyed the read!

I'm looking forward to see settings you come up with and, if you're interested, I'll send you a summary of what I used for my own campaign.


Hey, I really loved this. I feel the little system you made here is very clever and I love the positive mood you try to create with it. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it. I hope you're doing great!


Thank you so much!!! 🥹💓💝💝💗💖💕💞🥰🥰


Really sweet and beautiful

Thank you so much!!! 💞💞💞💞